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9 Kids-Church Ideas for Summer Adventures

By Aria on Jun 13, 2017 in Education , Uncategorized - 0 Comments

What better time to make adventurous memories than summer? Here are a few easy ways to incorporate meaningful exploring and adventure into kids church, to combine discipleship with summer fun!

Explore Time

Choose a time period from the past and immerse the kids in sights and sounds from that period, incorporating a couple of stories of men, women or children who lived boldly for God in that era.

  • Find clothing from the 50’s or 60’s, inviting a fun grandma or grandpa from the same city/town as the church to share a couple of kid-friendly stories about what it was like for them to go to kids church during that time.
  • Dress up and act like missionaries from the past, “visiting” the kids to tell them stories from life in other parts of the world
  • This one is for any young readers in your ministry! Ask a few kids that enjoy reading to read about a Christian man or woman from history and/or the Bible and then briefly interview them for a few minutes at the beginning of service like a talk show about that person. This will not only encourage them to learn on their own but will also be engaging for the other kids to hear these stories from friends closer to their own age.

“Time Stone Travelers” by John H. Morton

Explore Culture

We can learn so much from people of different cultures, so finding adventures that train kids to be open to people and experiences that are different from them can benefit them at church and beyond!

  • Find some foods from other cultures that are very different from what the kids are probably used to eating. Set up a table at kids church and have a few kids participate in “Will You Try It?” where they try various foods that may seem odd!
  • Invite the children’s ministry leaders from a neighboring church that is predominantly of another culture to co-host a kids’ event with your ministry, inviting their church’s families along. It could be a back-to-school barbecue, a summer outing, or a Sunday service. It’s a great way to not only share resources but also build bridges in the community.
  • Find a large map and play, “Can You Find…?” Each month can have a prayer focus for a particular continent or region. Before prayer each week, you can take a few minutes to have a volunteer see if they can identify countries in that region as you say them. Each meeting could include a focus on a specific country in the region, connecting kids with parts of the globe that are very far away from them, but still close to God’s heart.

“Love in Any Language” by Phil Reynolds

Explore Creativity

Chances are, there are many different gifts and abilities represented in your church, and many different kinds of creativity. Here are a few ways to incorporate adults that work in kids’ ministry and other parts of the church to foster bold creativity in the kids.

  • Host a community “Creativity Day Camp” for a few days (or even just one day!) where kids will be able to try out different creative tools. Invite adults and young people from the church to volunteer to teach kids pottery, dancing, various instruments, drawing, songwriting, coding, singing, painting, woodworking, photography, or any other gifts that are represented in your church. Kids can sign up in advance for which class they would like to take and pay a small fee if needed.
  •  Make a piece of kid-community art. Perhaps the kids have just finished school or will be marking another milestone soon. You can explore creativity by working together to make a piece of art that will remind everyone of a particular event or holiday. The kids can all press their thumbprint or decorate hearts to piece together into a mosaic, or each draw something they like on a canvas. Though this can be as simple or as complicated as you like, it can take some creativity to organize a project like this.  However, it is worth the time when the kids are able to see something they accomplished together. You can even make something with a nearby elderly care home or other group in mind to encourage them.
  • During downtime for older kids or before Sunday School, create a “Summer Invention Corner”, where students can tinker with miscellaneous items simply to see what they can create or invent. (Of course, discernment is important in determining what kinds of items the kids can handle.) This invention corner can show children that they can worship Jesus by using the mind he’s given them to invent and create, even if it doesn’t seem directly church-related or “spiritual”. And while they are at school and home, they’ll know they can worship him in everything they do!

“Wuh-Wuh-Wuh Work” by Mark & Lori Lawley

What is your ministry looking forward to this summer? I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments. 🙂

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