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7 More Songs for the VBS: Shipwrecked by Group

Shipwrecked VBS graphic of a ship


“Shipwrecked”, a VBS curriculum produced by Group Publishing, is all about helping kids understand that Jesus is able to rescue them. 

Whether it is from loneliness, worry, sin, struggle, or powerlessness, Jesus is able to rescue us from many different trials. Each day of the VBS covers one of these subjects, and the list below includes some more songs based on these themes, to keep your playlist fresh and relevant all week long.


Jesus Comes to Rescue Me 


God is With Us Wherever We Go


 God is Able 


A Friend to Sinners


What a Friend We Have in Jesus


Power Up! Jesus Helps You


Jesus Helps You Power Up!


Is your church hosting the Shipwrecked Vacation Bible School this year? What songs do kids seem to really connect with from the curriculum or from here on KidTunz?

Child Development Guide PDF – Kids 3-11 Years Old

A few weeks ago, I was at a five-day conference, working with the children aged six months to 3 years old. As the parents were in sessions, my colleagues and I would spend time with the six or so children, finding activities and games for them to play throughout the day and evening.  By the fourth day, the children had grown accustomed to the room and toys, and in order to keep things fresh, I began thinking of new games for us to play together.

My experience with children was largely just with elementary-aged kids, which are more developmentally advanced than the toddlers, and so I wasn’t quite sure where the children would be in regards to what games they could play. I quickly learned a difference between the two age groups after gathering them together for a round of the classic game, Duck-Duck-Goose.

I got some blank stares while explaining the rules to the three-year-olds and quickly decided to demonstrate instead of just tell. After showing them a couple of examples, I realized that even demonstrating did not connect the dots, as one three-year-old kind of patted a couple of heads and then began running circles, around and around, as quickly as he could.

“Okay,” I said to them and to myself. “Back to blocks.”

Kids’ ability and our expectations

Perhaps at some point you have encountered a moment where your expectations of kids’ ability was different than what was actually the case. Maybe you chose an activity that was too easy or a game that was just too hard (whoops). The consequences might not be as obvious, but choosing music that does not match a child’s developmental abilities prevents them from really understanding what they are singing, though they might be able to recite the words.

Maybe you’ve had the common experience of hearing a kid sing a song with inappropriate words and upon asking them what the song means, they reply that they really don’t know–they just like it.

The same scenario can occur when you are seeking to teach kids songs with words you do want them to take to heart, such as songs about Jesus or lessons from the Bible. Reciting the words is different from understanding, and knowing where the kids you care about are in terms of mental development can go a long ways in discipling them on their level.

It can be hard to keep track of each age group, so I created a quick reference guide for you to download and use as you plan lessons and music for Sunday School or just hanging at home. It includes key characteristics of each age group, so you can tailor your lessons to speak right to where the kids are.

Download the free child development quick-reference guide here: KidTunz_Quick_Reference

Have you ever planned a lesson that just didn’t hit home with the kids you were teaching? How did you respond?

Not sure where to go from here? We created albums specific to each age group to get you started!

7 More Game On! VBS Songs

VBS 2018 Theme from LifeWay VBS on Vimeo.

In LifeWay’s VBS, Game On! kids learn how to “gear up for God’s big game”!

“LifeWay’s VBS invites your kids to grab their megaphones, lace up their cleats, and tune up their instruments. As they fill up the offensive line, sideline, and drumline, your players, cheerleaders, and band members will realize God has given them His ultimate playbook. He wants them to join His team, train hard, celebrate salvation, and encourage one another. Get in the spirit today with Game On! VBS.”

Here are some KidTunz songs to add throughout the week for even more spirit at VBS or to keep the kids humming at home even after VBS is over:

“Be Brave! Be Strong!”

Be brave! Be strong! The Lord your God is with you.
Put faith in Him! There’s nothing He can’t do.

God walks with you like a mighty warrior.
He surrounds you with His favor like a shield.
He has put you here for such a time as this.
Now trust Him ‘til His plan is revealed.

“Cross Training”

Do the spiritual stretch. Reach for the prize.
Jump at the chance to exercise.
Sit up. Push up. Lift up. Pull up. Don’t give up.
You’re cross training for life; cross training for life.

“Power Up! (Jesus Helps You)”

“Power up! (clap, clap) Jesus helps you.
Power up! (clap, clap) Get in shape God’s way.

Power up! (clap, clap) Jesus helps you.
Power up today!

One! Two! He’ll make you a powerhouse for Him.
Three! Four! Let the Lord build you from within.”

“Firm Believers”

Firm believers, standing strong on faith.
Firm believers, exercise is what it takes
To build up those muscles of spirituality.
Firm believers, that’s what we wanna be.

Every day in every way we’re working it out;
Training to be more like Chirst.
I help you, and you help me to follow His example
So others will see Jesus in our lives.

“Jesus Cares for Everyone”

Jesus, Jesus cares for everyone. Jesus knows me and He loves me.
Jesus, I will thank You as I pray. Jesus, I will love You every day. 

“God is in Control”

God is in control. He is with me wherever I go.
God is in control. He is strong and powerful. He will help me, I know.

God knows how to help me. I believe in Him.
He is kind to hear me and give me faith to win.

“Is Your Joy Bubbling Up?”

Is your joy bubbling up?* Clap your hands, sing about Jesus.
Is your joy bubbling up?* Tell the world about His love.
Is your joy bubbling up?* Clap your hands, sing about Jesus.
Tell the world that Jesus cares!

*(Can you’re feet not stand still?)
*(Do you feel you could shout?) 

LifeWay’s Game On! VBS is a great way to integrate discipleship with exercise and activity, training both body and mind. I hope these additional songs contribute to your church’s VBS week and to the ongoing process of training the kids to love and know Jesus with every aspect of their lives.

How do you incorporate music into Vacation Bible School? What have you found effective in helping kids remember and understand VBS songs?

Cokesbury’s Rolling River Rampage: 11 More Songs

Cokesbury's VBS Rolling River RampageAs the end of summer draws near, your ministry may be scoping out next year’s VBS options such as Cokesbury’s Raging River Rampage. Cokesbury’s latest release “invites children on a white-water rafting adventure, to experience the ride of a lifetime with God!” Throughout the week, children engage with the idea that God is always with them through creative crafts, music, science experiments and fun recreation.

If you’re considering this fabulous VBS for next summer, here are some more songs to add to the mix for different age groups!


Session 1: Find Adventure on the River!

During the first session, kids hear the story of when Jesus calls the disciples in Matthew 4.


“Jesus, I will Follow You”


“Come Follow Me”



Session 2: Find Acceptance on the River!

During the second session, the story of Jesus’ acceptance of Mary and Martha helps to teach the kids that they are accepted by God.


“Jesus Offers Us Eternal Life”


“Build Each Other Up”



Session 3: Find Joy on the River!

The third session is all about Jesus going to Zacchaeus’s house and how we can find joy in Jesus.


“Is Your Joy Bubbling Up?” 


“Be Joyful Always” 



Session 4: Find Rest on the River!

Children can accept Jesus’ invitation to rest in him as they learn about his last supper with the disciples before he was crucified.


“Come to Me” 



Session 5: Find Peace on the River!


As the week ends with the last session, children leave with Jesus’ parting words to the disciples in Matt. 28: 16-20 and his promise of peace to all of those who choose to embark on the adventure of life with him.

“The Peace Giver” 


“They Continued to Tell”


“You Know My Heart”


“Tell the Good News”



Have fun out on the raging river! We’ll talk to you soon!