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The Five Books of Law

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Topics: Bible, Creation

Verse 1
There are five books that begin the Holy Bible
And their stories fill the pages of my mind.
Oh, there’s Adam and Eve and the fruit of the tree,
Noah, the flood and the ark.
Joseph was sold as a slave by his kin, the Israelites were delivered from Egypt in

Genesis, (Genesis,) Exodus, (Exodus,) Leviticus, (Leviticus,)
Numbers, (Numbers,) Deuteronomy, (Deuteronomy,) read them all to me.
< The five books of law la, la la. the five books of law
Some say these books are dated, but to me they’re highly underrated.

© 1998 Sarah Moore, assigned 2000 to Music Precedent, Ltd. All rights reserved.

Sarah Moore

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