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VBS Music: Songs for 5th Graders

Hopefully you’ve checked out our recently released PDF child development guide  which we created to make it easy for parents and teachers to understand kids’ levels of learning, from 3 years-old to 11-years old.

Below you’ll find songs we compiled specifically for fifth graders according to the characteristics on the PDF guide above. They are a bit more figurative in nature and tend to have more complicated melody lines to keep kids engaged and singing along.

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Power Up

Power up! (clap, clap) Jesus helps you.
Power up! (clap, clap) Get in shape God’s way.
Power up! (clap, clap) Jesus helps you.
Power up today!


Speak and Do Good

If actions speak much louder than the words you say,
What will others hear when they look your way?
It seems a whole lot easier to speak it than to do.
When you do what’s right, it will come back to you…


Kind Like You

Lord Jesus, make me kind like You. You cared for others; that’s the thing I’ll do.
I will lead the way. I’ll care today. Let my love point to You.
I will look for ways to serve, to build bridges strong with love.


Love in Any Language

I will go into the world and I will share the news of hope
That God is ev’rywhere—His love extends to all.

Though we come from many places and are diff’rent we’re the same.
For love in any language is Jesus’ name. 


His Way

God helps people just like you and me. He gives us what we need to live.
God sees people in their time of need. He shows us how to trust in Him…


According to Code

Build your life according to code. Learn God’s Word and hammer it home.
Build a life of character the way that Jesus showed us to do.
Oh, follow the code…


I Have Confidence

O Lord, You know my name. I hear you calling me to follow You.
You have promised to guide my way. I’ll follow You today…


Construction Zone

Welcome to a work in progress. You’ve enterd a construction zone.
We’re building on a firm foundation, but not with brick and stone.
Jesus is the model of perfection. His plans for us are divine.
So, welcome to a work in progress; building character in our lives…in our lives…


He Is Alive

Jesus died, but He’s alive again. I can tell others that Jesus lives.
Jesus died, but He’s alive again. I can tell others that Jesus lives…


Miracle Power

We need Your power, O great God. Hear us, we cry out, mighty God.
You feel our pain; You know our needs. We believe in Your miracle power…


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How do you create lessons to specifically teach fifth graders?

Finding Khakis that Fit and Songs about Belonging

Childhood house

I sat scratching at the mud covering my leg, trying not to let the tears leave my eyelids and become visible to my friends nearby.

They were my favorite khakis.

As a slightly pudgy, far-below-average-height fourth-grader, a pair of well-fitting pants were gold.  They were the representation of hours spent combing department store aisles and checking in and out of dressing rooms:

“Fit?” “Doesn’t Fit.” Next one.

“Fit?” “Doesn’t fit.” Next one.

“Fit?” “Doesn’t fit.” Crying now.

“Fit? Doesn’t fit.” Now really crying. “I wanna go home!”

Each pair of pants–especially khakis and jeans–had a meltdown-to-victory story, even if by the end, I just had to keep folding the cuff until the hem was off the ground. (I didn’t have time for tailoring, I guess.)

That day, I had been chasing a classmate around the playground and had jumped over a balance beam to cut them off. Not having gained enough inertia, my foot caught on the beam. In the next second, my knee stopped the fall in the muddy earth, with face and hands close behind.

My new khakis–ruined, from hem to knee cap on the left leg.

Lip trembling, I stood up, trying to keep a brave face.

I didn’t even like the kid I was chasing. (You blame anyone when you face plant and ruin your favorite pants.)

The rest of the day, I gazed down at the muddy leg, each time hoping I would see the pristine khakis there instead.

My new khakis–ruined, from hem to knee cap on the left leg.


Songs about Belonging

Whether it is never being able to find jeans that fit to having a hard time finding a place to fit-in, as kids navigate the challenges of a new school year, it can be helpful for them to know that they are not alone. They have Jesus, friends and family (biological, adopted or church family!) that care about them.

Singing songs together can build unity, as families and friends remember ideas and lyrics that bring back memories.  As the children in your life go back to school, we’ve created this list of songs to help bring back a little joy for the days when things just don’t go like they had hoped or planned.


“Many Good Friends”

When I think of a friend, I think of you. God gives us many good friends.
You can see by my smile that I’m happy inside. God gives us many good friends…


“I Love My Family”

God gave my family to always care for me, to always share with me, to be there for me.
God gave my family to always help me see how to live my life.
I should be like Jesus more and more each day, so I’ll ask my family to help me know the way.


“You Can Talk to God”

You can talk to God when life gets tough.
You can talk to God when the going’s rough.
You can talk to God, for he is enough.
He is near, just call His name.



“God’s Family”

Verse 1
Growing together under His care, knowing this fam’ly will always be there.

Verse 2
Snuggling safely under His wing, He gives us courage to do anything.

We are a part of God’s family, each one a branch on the fam’ly tree,
Growing together just you and me. We are a part of God’s great, big family.



Whatever this year brings, I hope these songs will remind your kids that they are loved, valuable and heard–even when they come home in ruined khaki pants.