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A Life God Builds

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Topics: Love, Discipleship, Commitment, Assurance

Verse 1
I scooped up sand with a plastic pail, and built a castle with a flag that sailed,
And then the waves made it crumble away. Sand castles aren’t built to stay.

But a life God builds will last so long, forever to stay on the rock so strong.
Jesus’ love builds us. He works to see, to make the best life for you and me.

Verse 2
Stacking blocks, one up, one down. Hold your breath; don’t make a sound.
Higher and higher then the blocks will fall. A house of blocks doesn’t last at all.

Verse 3
The devil is a thief who tries to destroy the good life of each girl and boy.
Jesus understands He’s come to be a friend who gives abundantly.

© 1992 Dick Gruber, assigned © 1997 to Music Precedent, Ltd. All rights reserved.

Dick Gruber

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