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All Creation Is Praising

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Topics: Action, Animals, Praise, Worship, Creation

Can you hear the birdies in the treetops singing praises to our Lord,
A sweet, sweet sounding melody, all in one accord?
All the trees sway in the breeze in time with the bird band.
It almost seems like all the leaves with joy are clapping their hands!

Now look, all the fish in the ocean blue are swimming to the beat.
All the ants give praise to God, marching with their feet.
Listen, for creation has a word for me and you.
They’re pleasing God because they do what they’re created to do.

They’re praising the Lord, praising the Lord,
Clapping their hands, lifting their voices, praising the Lord.
I’ll clap my hands. I’ll lift my voice.
I want to join all of creation praising the Lord.

© 1994 Gospel Publishing House, admin. by Music Precedent, Ltd. All rights reserved.

Nancy Goldsberry Martin

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