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Fire Power

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Topics: Holy Spirit, God’s Power

Jesus told His disciples to wait in Jerusalem;
They’d receive the Father’s promise; the Spirit would fall on them.
And right there in the Upper Room they saw the tongues like flame.
Then filled with holy boldness, they spoke out in His name.

Fire power, a brand-new touch from the hand of God;
Fire power, a blaze of the Holy Ghost.
Fire power! All believers need fire power!

You can receive this promise; the gift is for today.
God waits for you to ask Him, so bow your head and pray.
And right here in this very room you’ll feel the Spirit’s flame.
Then filled with holy boldness, you’ll speak out in His name.

© 1999 Steadfast Heart Music, assigned 2006 to Music Precedent, Ltd. All rights reserved.

Mark Hauth

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