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For Such a Time

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Topics: Choices, Testimony, Encouragement, Assurance, Trust

Verse 1
I never dreamed I would be a queen, a crown on my head in a palace of gold.
The choices I made all along the way led my life on by the plan God had made.

Life is filled with choices, and each one builds on the last.
If we make right choices, we'll look back and say,
”God made me for such a time as this.”

Verse 2
The choices was hard that I had to make, what could I do, Haman's cruel plans were made?
If I keep quiet, I might live but my people will die.
Should I talk to the king, maybe he'll spare their lives?

Verse 3
I talked to the king though it could cost my life.
He heard my plea, now my people are safe.
God's plan was laid through my choices ev'ry day.
I see I was made for such a time as this.

© 1998 John H. Morton, admin. by Music Precedent, Ltd. All rights reserved.

John H. Morton

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