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God’s Big Backyard

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Topics: Service, Love, Friendship

Verse 1
Helping out a neighbor and lending a hand, building up a sister or brother.
All the world around is God’s big backyard, and there’s plenty of room
When we’re loving each other.

Oh, it’s a big backyard. Yeah, a really big backyard.
Everybody’s serving and doin’ their part in God’s big, big, big, big, big backyard,
In God’s big, big, big, big, big backyard.

Verse 2
Always loving Jesus with all of my heart; serving friends and family;
Tryin’ to make a difference by doing’ my part; sharing His love so all the world can see.

Hey yo, it’s a big backyard. Hey yo, a really big backyard.
Everybody’s serving here and doing their part
When we all get together in His big backyard.

Verse 3
Learning about serving by reading God’s Word; finding things that will help us grow.
Gotta get the message to all of my friends, so take my hand and let’s go, go, go!

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Rachel Harvey

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