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Hey – Watch Your Company

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Topics: Encouragement, Choices, Attitude

Hey-AAAAA, Watch your company!

Everybody wants to hang with friends_to be cool.
But it ain’t always hip to keep the golden rule.
So, be aware be alert_don’t be no fool.

Bad company will make you break every rule.
And leave you walkin’ down a fool’s road.

Hey-AAAAA Watch your company!

Come on tell me what you’re plannin’; what ya gonna do.
How ya gonna please God—keep yo’ homies too?
Ya gotta stop choosin’ friends just because they’re cool.
Ya gotta choose ‘em by their actions, by the things they do.
Or they will lead you down a fool’s road.

Hey-AAAAA Watch your company!

I know you’re thinkin’ that a Christian friend is hard to find.
But God will clue ya in. If you just listen you will find
He will lead your mind to see the truth in what they say and do.
God will give you real friends who won’t blow your cool.
And leave you standin’ on a Fool’s road.

Hey-AAAAA Watch your company!

© 1994 Gospel Publishing House, admin. by Music Precedent, Ltd. All rights reserved.

Gary Mormino

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