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If I Trust God

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Topics: Faith, Assurance, Attitude, Trust, Bible

Once Moses saw a burning bush and talked with God, you see.
He found out it was in God’s plan to set His people free.
The plagues included pesky bugs, big sores, and nasty frogs.
But all the Israelites were safe because they trusted God.

And if I trust God, listen and obey, believe His word, He will help me ev’ry day
Just like He did for our Bible friends.
No matter what the cost, I will trust in God!

Now there were women in God’s Word who followed Him and prayed—
Like Deborah in the Book of Judges, won a battle great.
Queen Esther saved her people from Haman’s dark plot.
She found favor with the King because she trusted God.

Elijah met a starving widow and her sick young son
Who only had enough food left to cook a meal for one.
She shared her last food with the prophet, all she had, she brought.
But, her supplies were never bare because she trusted God.

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Nancy Colbaugh

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