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It’s Just Like Jesus

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Topics: Crucifixion, Worship, Victory, Thankfulness, Heaven

A man with leprosy came to Jesus
To see if God would reach out to him and make his skin clean.
And moved with great love, He reached out His hand.
When Jesus touch him, He healed the man.

It’s just like Jesus to touch, to give us blessing and such.
It’ s just like Jesus to care so much.
He give us perfect, true love, show us His father above.
It’s just like Jesus to show us His love.

The day that Jesus died, He hung on a cross.
A thief hanging next to Him said, “Lord, remember me.”
And moved with great love, Jesus did say,
“You will be with me in heaven today.”

© 1994 Gospel Publishing House, admin. by Music Precedent, Ltd. All rights reserved.

Nancy Goldsberry Martin

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