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Jesus! Jesus! Jesus Is His Name

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Topics: Love, Friendship, Jesus, Assurance

Who made the people shout and cheer? (Jesus, Jesus)
Who is the King that’s coming here? (Jesus, Jesus)
Hosanna to the Holy One. (Jesus, Jesus)
Hosanna to God’s only Son.

Jesus is His name. Jesus is His name. Jesus is His name.

King of kings and Lord of lords. (Jesus, Jesus)
Who died but lives for ever more? (Jesus, Jesus)
Who will do the same for me? (Jesus, Jesus)
Live with him eternally.
(Jesus, Jesus)

Who’s in my heart that I can’t see? (Jesus, Jesus)
Who reaches out His hand to me? (Jesus, Jesus)
Who walks close by me every day? (Jesus, Jesus)
Who hears me every time I pray? (Jesus, Jesus)

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Christy Long

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