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The Witness

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Topics: God’s Power, Encouragement, Attitude, Choices, Missions, Love, Salvation, Service

Your life is like a witness in the court room of this world.
Your words and deeds will speak the turth, a message clearly heard.
See, Jesus is on trial now, and you must testify.
What kind of witness will you be, for darkness or of light?

Will you be a witness for the truth, the Lord you love?
Your words have pow’r to bless or curse, from evil rise above.
You may be the only witness some will ever hear.
Will you point them to the truth, or run away in fear?

Jesus has a mission for each of us the same;
To be a good example, to go forth in His name.
We each affect our neighbor; we lead in wrong or right.
Let’s set a higher standard, be Jesus in their sight!

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John H. Morton

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