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Workin’ it for the Lord

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Topics: Bible, Commitment, Encouragement, Guidance, God’s Power, Obedience

Aaron and Hur held Moses’ hands up high. The battle was turned with their help.
Deborah the judge was known by all to be wise and when it came to a fight, she didn’t run away afraid.

They were workin’ it, workin’ it, workin’ it, workin’ it, workin’ it for the Lord.

Yes, they knew it was right, so they used all their might; They were doin’ it for the Lord!
Miriam was just a baby sister, my friend, while Moses was floating in the Nile.
Though her deed was small it turned out big in the end ‘cause Moses grew up to lead his people out of Pharaoh’s hand.

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Gary & Cherri Mormino

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