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Clean Up

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Let’s clean up all the toys, the toys, the toys.
Let’s clean up all the toys. Let’s put them away.

"Don’t you guys hear what I’m saying? I said, ‘Pick up the toys’!
Are you deaf? Are you guys deaf? C’mon!
Every week I have to tell you to pick up these toys!

(Teacher!) What’s wrong with you? (We don’t want to pick up the toys!)
They go...the trucks go over there! (You pick up the toys!)
No, not the blocks in that box! Put the paper...crayons...
Why are you eating that crayon? C’mon, you guys!
I said pick up—Get the glue out of her nose! C’mon you guys!"

© 1995 Gospel Publishing House, admin. by Music Precedent, Ltd. All rights reserved.


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