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Thank You, Creator

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Topics: Creation, Thankfulness, Praise, Love, Encouragement, Assurance

Verse 1
You knew me by name (You knew me by name)
Before I was born. (before I was born.)
You called me to You. (You called me to You.)
Now I call You Lord. (Now I call You Lord.)

Verse 2
You’re thinking of me, (You’re thinking of me,) All night and all day. (all night and all day.)
You know ev’ry song; (You know ev’ry song;)
You hear when I pray. (You hear when I pray.)

Thank You, Creator. You know me so well.
You know me better than I know myself.
I couldn’t ask for anything greater than
Being led and loved by my Creator.

© 1999 Sarah Moore, assigned 2000 to Music Precedent, Ltd. All rights reserved.

Sarah Moore

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