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Time-Stone Travelers

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Topics: Obedience, Discipleship, Bible, Guidance, Commitment

Time-stone, Time-stone travelers.
Time-stone travelers, looking for adventure;
Time-stone travelers, get ready for the ride.
Time-stone travelers, learning from the Bible;
Time-stone travelers, the Lord will be our guide.

Teach me, Lord, to follow your ways. Help me to understand.
I will keep your law and obey. I’ll serve you to the end.
Time-stone, Time-stone travelers. Time-stone, Time-stone travelers

I can know God through His Word, all that he expects.
He is pleased when I choose right. His Laws I will respect.
Time-stone, Time-stone travelers. Time-stone, Time-stone travelers

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John H. Morton


Glenn Merrill August 6th, 2018

Has only lyrics for the first song on the CD.

John H. Morton August 6th, 2018

Yes. This is the song, “Time Stone Travelers,” not the entire VBS music CD.

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