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What He Says, He Will Do

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Topics: Miracles, Assurance, Bible, Trust, Faith, Obedience

Verse 1
God told Noah build a big boat to keep yourself and your fam’ly afloat.
The rain’s gonna fall forty days and nights, but do as I say, you’re gonna be alright.

First you do what God tells you to do. Then, you wait for Him to follow through.
‘Cause you know God’s Word is always true. What He says, He will do!

Verse 2
God said the animals will come to you. Care for them and provide their food.
Two by two they came aboard. When they all were in, God shut the door.

Verse 3
Water covered all the earth. Noah was grateful to the God he served.
Only the ones on the ark were saved, because Noah listened, Noah obeyed.

Verse 4
When life’s storms rain on you, don’t forget what Noah knew.
Listen to the Lord and always obey. God’s still faithful to His children today.

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Sarah Moore

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