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Kids Music Online to Help Kids Choose Good Friends

“Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future,” one of my daughters told me.

“Where’d you hear that?,” I asked.
“Pastor Eric,” she replied.
“That’s good stuff,” I said as I handed her a granola bar.
“Yep!” She ran up the stairs.

Our daughter was just entering Junior High and the idea of choosing friends wisely began to take on a whole new meaning…for her AND for the parents.

Part of me wanted to isolate her from any potential “bad” influences while the other side of me said that they must learn to grow wisely even in adverse circumstances.

One thing I did discover is that music goes a long way in shaping a child’s heart and mind. Here are some songs that will help your children think about the kinds of friends they choose.


Many Good Friends


“…Find a hand and shake it! Find a back and pat it!
Find a pal and hug ‘em real big. God gives us many good friends.
God gives us many good friends. God gives us many good friends…”


Friends are a Gift

“Friends are a gift from God who loves us.
Friends are a gift from God who cares.
Friends help us when we’re down; they turn our frowns around.
Friends are a gift from the Lord.”


A Good Friend

“Jesus is my best friend. I love Him, and He loves me.
Jesus is my best friend. I love Him, and He loves me.
God gives us friends to love us and help us. 
A good friend loves all the time.”


Hey — Watch Your Company

“Everybody wants to hang with friends_to be cool. 
But it ain’t always hip to keep the golden rule. 
So, be aware be alert_don’t be no fool. 

Bad company will make you break every rule. 
And leave you walkin’ down a fool’s road…”


A Friend like Barnabas

“What kind of friend do you want to be? What is it others will say?
Do you give more than what you expect in return or does it always have to be your way?
Make me a friend like Barnabas, encouraging, faithful and true.
Give me a heart of compassion, showing love in all I do.”


Beans, Drama and and Other Everyday Creativity Practices

Cultivating Creativity in Kids

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“I’m boooooooored!”

Ever heard that from one of your kids?

“Only those with unimaginative minds are bored!” I’d retort to my
daughters. “It’s time to be creative!”

“Only those with unimaginative minds are bored!”(Click to Tweet) 

Here are 3 tips for introducing new creativity to your children:

1) Act out a favorite song complete with costumes, props and dramatic

2) Work on math skills by keeping a plastic bag of beans in your purse.
When waiting at the doctor’s office, pull the bag out and ask your child
to count out a certain number of beans. Introduce adding and subtracting
with them. (It doesn’t have to be beans. Anything…coins, Legos, etc.)

3) Look for a particular shape, letter and number all throughout the
day. Say, “Today’s shape is a circle, the letter is ‘C’ and the number
is ‘4’!” As you take walks, go to the store, wash dishes, play in the
back yard ask your child if she sees any of these things.

Creative thinking takes practice and these are just a few ways to incorporate thinking outside of the box into your everyday life.

What do you find effective in teaching kids to be creative? What do you think hinders their creativity?