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By John H. Morton on Jan 02, 2016 in News - 0 Comments

I and a few composer friends decided we’d make our songs available to you because we believe you appreciate wholesome lyrics, fun tunes, and a huge variety of topics. When my daughters were young, I was always looking for songs to help them grow in character. In fact, as a parent, I had my own kids in mind when I wrote many of these songs. My daughters have grown into amazing women, and the messages they learned as kids are still with them. Music is a life-long discipler. So, enter a word or phrase in the search bar above and get started finding songs for your kids to grow on!

John H. Morton
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John H. Morton

Husband • Father of two daughters • Composer of over 400 published songs • Owner of Music Precedent • Two bachelor's degrees and a master's degree in education • Lives in Africa • Conducts professional development for communities and educators

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