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VBS Music: Songs for 5th Graders

Hopefully you’ve checked out our recently released PDF child development guide  which we created to make it easy for parents and teachers to understand kids’ levels of learning, from 3 years-old to 11-years old.

Below you’ll find songs we compiled specifically for fifth graders according to the characteristics on the PDF guide above. They are a bit more figurative in nature and tend to have more complicated melody lines to keep kids engaged and singing along.

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Power Up

Power up! (clap, clap) Jesus helps you.
Power up! (clap, clap) Get in shape God’s way.
Power up! (clap, clap) Jesus helps you.
Power up today!


Speak and Do Good

If actions speak much louder than the words you say,
What will others hear when they look your way?
It seems a whole lot easier to speak it than to do.
When you do what’s right, it will come back to you…


Kind Like You

Lord Jesus, make me kind like You. You cared for others; that’s the thing I’ll do.
I will lead the way. I’ll care today. Let my love point to You.
I will look for ways to serve, to build bridges strong with love.


Love in Any Language

I will go into the world and I will share the news of hope
That God is ev’rywhere—His love extends to all.

Though we come from many places and are diff’rent we’re the same.
For love in any language is Jesus’ name. 


His Way

God helps people just like you and me. He gives us what we need to live.
God sees people in their time of need. He shows us how to trust in Him…


According to Code

Build your life according to code. Learn God’s Word and hammer it home.
Build a life of character the way that Jesus showed us to do.
Oh, follow the code…


I Have Confidence

O Lord, You know my name. I hear you calling me to follow You.
You have promised to guide my way. I’ll follow You today…


Construction Zone

Welcome to a work in progress. You’ve enterd a construction zone.
We’re building on a firm foundation, but not with brick and stone.
Jesus is the model of perfection. His plans for us are divine.
So, welcome to a work in progress; building character in our lives…in our lives…


He Is Alive

Jesus died, but He’s alive again. I can tell others that Jesus lives.
Jesus died, but He’s alive again. I can tell others that Jesus lives…


Miracle Power

We need Your power, O great God. Hear us, we cry out, mighty God.
You feel our pain; You know our needs. We believe in Your miracle power…


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How do you create lessons to specifically teach fifth graders?

Sunday School Songs for 3rd and 4th Graders

Hopefully you’ve checked out our recently released PDF child development guide  which we created to make it easy for parents and teachers to understand kids’ levels of learning, from 3 years-old to 11-years old.


Below you’ll find the individual songs from the Theme Pak comprised entirely of songs for 3rd and 4th graders! These songs are ones we thought matched their development characteristics in terms of what they understand and how they relate to others.


The Bible Gives Us Rules

God is our life-coach, and He’s given us the Book
To show us how to be the best we can…


God Gave Me My Church

God gave me my church so I could see how to love people other than me.
God gave me my church so I could know how to live like Jesus…


Just Like Jesus

Just like Jesus, I wanna be. Just like Jesus, I wanna be.
Just like Jesus, He’s my cornerstone…


Treasures in Heaven

Treasures in Heaven, no one can take away;
Treasures in Heaven that last for always…


God Sees

God sees all that you are going through.
God sees, and He will take care of you.
Don’t be swayed by what you see.
God will give the help you need…


Ride Our Fears

We can ride our fears like a bucking bronco. God’s power helps us hold on. 
We will decide to ride it out. In prayer He makes us strong…


Take Our Stand for God

Take a stand. Take a stand for God. Take a stand. Tell others that Jesus lives.
Take a stand. Take a stand for God. Take a stand. Lift Jesus up today!…


God is in Control

God is in control. He is with me wherever I go.
God is in control. He is strong and powerful. He will help me, I know…


Workin’ it for the Lord

Aaron and Hur held Moses’ hands up high. The battle was turned with their help.
Deborah the judge was known by all to be wise and when it came to a fight, she didn’t run away afraid.

They were workin’ it, workin’ it, workin’ it, workin’ it, workin’ it for the Lord…


God Answers Prayers

Jesus died, but He’s alive again. I can tell others that Jesus lives.
Jesus died, but He’s alive again. I can tell others that Jesus lives.

He is always with us. He will always love us.
He will always help us when we pray to Him…


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What do you think is unique about 3rd and 4th graders you’ve worked with compared to younger or older kids?


Sunday School Songs for 1st and Second Graders

Hopefully you’ve checked out our recently released PDF child development guide  which we created to make it easy for parents and teachers to understand kids’ levels of learning, from 3 years-old to 11-years old.  Kids go through many stages of development, and understanding their ability to understand certain concepts throughout those stages can ensure that they don’t just repeat the music they sing but really understand it!

We’ve created a Theme Pak just for 1st and 2nd Graders, filled with songs that are tailored to their development characteristics as listed in the PDF above. And to give you a way to preview all of the songs before you buy the album, we’ve listen samples below with some lyrics.

Love the Lord


Love the Lord with all your heart. Love the Lord with all your soul.
Love the Lord with all your mind. Love the Lord with all your strength.
We can show our love for God ev’ryday.
Make it clearly seen in what we do and say. 


These Feet, Hands and Heart

These feet* are gonna follow. These feet are gonna go.
These feet are gonna follow. I will follow Jesus wherever He leads.
(*hands, and heart) 


Catch a Fish for Me

Fishing all day; fishing all night. Never caught a thing; never got a bite.
Along came Jesus walking with the tide…


He’s Got the Whole World

He’s got the whole world in His hands.
He’s got the whole world in His hands.
He’s got the whole world in His hands.
He’s got the whole world in His hands.


Come Follow Me

Jesus said, “Come follow Me.” (echo)
Jesus, now I will follow You. (echo)
(build as a round)


I Love My Family

God gave my family to always care for me, to always share with me, to be there for me.
God gave my family to always help me see how to live my life…


Jesus Did Good Things

Jesus did good things to show us God’s plan.
He came to help us and bring hope to man.
He forgave us, came to save us, showed us how to live;
Reaching us and teaching us, with love that comes from Him. 


Make Me a Servant, Too

Jesus, You are a servant. Jesus, make me a servant too.
I give up my selfish ways to follow You all my days.
O Lord, make me a servant just like You. 


Because You Made Me

I praise You because You made me; I am special to You.
I praise You because you made me special to you…


Jesus Cares for Everyone

Jesus, Jesus cares for everyone. Jesus knows me and He loves me.
Jesus, I will thank You as I pray. Jesus, I will love You every day. 

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What have you found helpful in teaching 1st and 2nd graders?

Sunday School Songs for Pre-K to Kindergarten (3 to 6)

Hopefully you’ve checked out our recent PDF child development guide  which we created to make it easy for parents and teachers to understand kids’ levels of learning, from 3 years-old to 11-years old. We created it so you can be sure that the music you sing with them is really sure to stick.

To make the process a bit easier, we have compiled albums specific to each age group! We chose the songs below because they each match the developmental characteristics of kids ages 3-6. Pre-schoolers and kindergarteners see the world in very black and white terms, so they don’t always understand the metaphorical or figurative language in most praise and worship songs. Because of this, below you’ll find songs that are all focused on very concrete subjects, like picking up toys, animals and birds, saying thank you and actions that show others love.

These simple songs will provide lay a solid foundation for discipleship further down the road. If you  listen to the individual songs below and want the whole theme pack, you can find it here!


Let’s Pick Up All the Toys

Let’s pick up all the toys, pick up all the toys, pick up all the toys.
Let’s pick up all the toys. Who will be my helper?


Walk with Jesus

I’m gonna walk,* walk, walk with Jesus.
I’m gonna walk,* walk, walk with my Lord.
I’m gonna walk* everyday as I follow Him and pray.
I’m gonna walk,* gonna walk* with Him.


He’s Got the Whole World

He’s got the whole world in His hands.
He’s got the whole world in His hands.
He’s got the whole world in His hands.
He’s got the whole world in His hands….


God Made a Wonderful World

God made the day and night. God made the land and sky.
God made plants and animals, too. God made me and you….


Some Good News

I am bringing you some good news, good news, some good news.
I am bringing you some good news. Today your Savior was born….


Obey, Obey Your Parents

Obey, obey your parents. This is the right thing to do.
Respect and honor your parents. Then the Lord will give His blessing to you…


Give Thanks and Pray to Him

Give thanks to the Lord and pray to Him.
Give thanks to the Lord and pray to Him.
Our God helps us ev’ry day. We can thank Him when we pray. 


We’re All in This Together

We’re all in this together, God’s great big family.
I have brothers, and I have sisters; we’re a people potpourri…


Those Who Are Fair

Happy are those who are fair and do what is right!
When we obey God, He blesses us both day and night. 

Show Others Love

Yah way, oh way yah, yah way a oh, way oh.
Yahzos, yah way oh. Yah way oh yah way oh.

I will show others love just like the Lord loves me.
Jesus help me show love so others see you through me. 


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How do you tailor your lessons to match the age group of students you’re teaching?


Child Development Guide PDF – Kids 3-11 Years Old

A few weeks ago, I was at a five-day conference, working with the children aged six months to 3 years old. As the parents were in sessions, my colleagues and I would spend time with the six or so children, finding activities and games for them to play throughout the day and evening.  By the fourth day, the children had grown accustomed to the room and toys, and in order to keep things fresh, I began thinking of new games for us to play together.

My experience with children was largely just with elementary-aged kids, which are more developmentally advanced than the toddlers, and so I wasn’t quite sure where the children would be in regards to what games they could play. I quickly learned a difference between the two age groups after gathering them together for a round of the classic game, Duck-Duck-Goose.

I got some blank stares while explaining the rules to the three-year-olds and quickly decided to demonstrate instead of just tell. After showing them a couple of examples, I realized that even demonstrating did not connect the dots, as one three-year-old kind of patted a couple of heads and then began running circles, around and around, as quickly as he could.

“Okay,” I said to them and to myself. “Back to blocks.”

Kids’ ability and our expectations

Perhaps at some point you have encountered a moment where your expectations of kids’ ability was different than what was actually the case. Maybe you chose an activity that was too easy or a game that was just too hard (whoops). The consequences might not be as obvious, but choosing music that does not match a child’s developmental abilities prevents them from really understanding what they are singing, though they might be able to recite the words.

Maybe you’ve had the common experience of hearing a kid sing a song with inappropriate words and upon asking them what the song means, they reply that they really don’t know–they just like it.

The same scenario can occur when you are seeking to teach kids songs with words you do want them to take to heart, such as songs about Jesus or lessons from the Bible. Reciting the words is different from understanding, and knowing where the kids you care about are in terms of mental development can go a long ways in discipling them on their level.

It can be hard to keep track of each age group, so I created a quick reference guide for you to download and use as you plan lessons and music for Sunday School or just hanging at home. It includes key characteristics of each age group, so you can tailor your lessons to speak right to where the kids are.

Download the free child development quick-reference guide here: KidTunz_Quick_Reference

Have you ever planned a lesson that just didn’t hit home with the kids you were teaching? How did you respond?

Not sure where to go from here? We created albums specific to each age group to get you started!

Heart at rest: 5 questions to ask for the holidays

fall thingsThe holidays are a time that can invoke a full range of emotions, from sheer happiness, to loneliness and grief, to hopefulness and contentment. The days ebb and flow from moments of reflection to days of endless busy-ness, and by January, some can feel like they need a holiday of their own to simply stop and take a breath.

And the messages we receive during the holiday season can also bring about inner conflict, as we hear so much about the benefits of gratitude and generosity while also taking in advice about the latest trends for decorations, parties, presents and other things. Even if we don’t care too much about being trendy, they all seem to say:

You should be content with what you have, but you also have reason to want more. Holidays are about spending time with those you love, but you will need to create the perfect setting for nice memories to occur.

What? And these are just a couple of examples of the conflicting or contrary messages we receive every day. If you pay attention, they are everywhere.

No wonder we are worn out.


Simply being aware that these conflicting messages exist can empower you to:

  1. Discern which messages you will actually accept as authoritative in your own life and
  2. Strategize how you will help the kids grasp messages that will help shape them into who they are created to be

Holiday ideas, tips, advice, traditions, expectations, etc. can be amazing, creativity-sparking and inspiring. And they can also bring about a lot of unnecessary shame or pressure to be something that is unrealistic.

mom hugging daughter

If you find yourself at some point during the season feeling weighted down or pressured by it all, here are some questions to consider to help you maintain a restful heart:


  • What is actually important to my family during each holiday?
  • What activities or expectations am I holding onto unnecessarily in light of that?
  • What tradition(s) have real value to us in meaning (with the community or history) or memories?
  • What voices have been influencing me, and do I really want to give them that authority?
  • How might I partner with another family or friends to shoulder some of the responsibilities/tasks together?
    • (So many things are more fun with friends around, even if it’s a little chaotic! And chances are, they’d appreciate help just as much as you would.)


Whatever holidays look like at your house, there might be stressful moments, but I hope in the end, you’re refreshed by a heart at rest. Jesus is with you and no matter what is troubling your heart you can have peace in the assurance that his voice matters the most, and he says:

“Come to me all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest.” – Matt. 28:11 NIV

Guest Post: Setting Your Volunteers Up For Fall Success

children in the fall with leavesFall is a great time of year. School is in session in the US. Children and their families are finishing their summer travels. New people are moving to your area. It is a time of growth for your church, but it can also be a pinch for children’s ministry leaders. More people attending means the need for more volunteers.

When faced with a need for more volunteers, the first thought is to recruit. Before you put effort into recruiting, take a look at how you can expand the volunteer base you have. It may surprise you at the opportunities you find.


Revisit the Frequency Your Volunteers Are Serving

If a volunteer only serves once a month, ask them to serve twice a month. If they serve

twice a month, could they serve weekly? An increase of 50% goes a long way.


Expand the Roles Of Current Volunteers

Look for complementary volunteer roles that one volunteer could fill. Example: Have parents drop kids off in their small group or class area. This way teachers can greet parents or greeters can serve as security during the service.


Create Opportunities For Leaders To Help

Create leadership positions in your ministry. Give seasoned volunteers new roles. Have them recruit, train, and minister to the new volunteers. Allow your leadership to help you can expand the volunteer base in a more organic way.


Ask For Temporary Season of Dedicated Ministry

Ask infrequent volunteers to dedicate a season (3-9 months) of consistent service. Having a definite end point will be encouraging to volunteers. Most like it so much they continue to serve even when the season is over.


How do you do this?

By connecting with these volunteers and asking them. Nothing fancy. You get to know the volunteer and ask why they serve in the pattern they serve. Many will have good reasons. Their spouse serves in another ministry who kept a similar schedule. Or they travel a lot and can only commit to that much. But many would say this is how they always served. No one asked them to do more. Of people serving in 2014, 41% did so because someone in the organization asked them.

Volunteers who already understand your vision will welcome another chance to serve. Sometimes all they need is for you to give them the opportunity.


In the Ministry Accelerator community, we discuss ministry design, best practices, digital tools and volunteers. Join us today. Email [email protected] and put “I want to join” in the subject line.